Created by Vendors for Vendors

Who we are started as an online Consumer Electronic store in 2006; and our quest and efforts to offer the excellent led us to where we are today as an Online Marketplace, where any Vendor/Retailer can list products for selling, and Buyers to find great deals. Our aim is bringing Retailers and shoppers together for sweet deals.

In today’s world, Vendors/Retailers needs more than just another company making money off their back, rather they need a partner in business who offers them a platform where they can sell their products and have a fair share of their profits. In effect, we have created and continually adding features and tools that will render a business boost, marketing and sales online for entrepreneurs.

Our many years of experience in web solutions and development, and the online business takes to another level of marketplace. We are your partner to help you Buy and Sell online while you save on selling and buying fees.


Vendors work hard. Why should they give all the profits to a platform? We created to revolutionize the online marketplace, having Vendors/Retailer in mind, and to assist them selling online without paying too much.


There is no doubt that the Marketplaces help Vendors/Retailers to promote and sell their products online and even drive traffic or visitors to their own online stores, but we just don’t believe they have to be giving so much out of their profits by paying so many fees in order to make this happen.

Fair Fees

Our fees terms are clear and simple: You only pay when you make a sale, that means no sale, no fees. Period.